Beaches for sale

This is a list of beach lands I know, in Anguilla, that are actually for sale.

Some are quite unique in the Caribbean with the nicest locations. Beach lands for sale as commercial development , some located on the nicest beaches of the world like Rendez-Vous bay or Meads bay.

Anguilla West lands for sale

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Rendez-Vous bay beach land

For sale US$ 31M 26 acres lot size and 55 acres usable pond lease, including 11 acres of beach land.

26 acres land including 11 acres of pristine, absolutely extraordinary white sand beach land with turquoise water. Voted one of the top 10 nicest beaches in the world.
Including 125 years renewable leasehold of Rendez-vous Bay 55 acres pond (usable for extension, road, marina…).
Government approved development up to 400 bedrooms.
Extra land available if needed.
Also possibility to buy separately :
– 11 acres of beach front with little boutique hotel 14 rooms for US$ 22,500,000
– 15 acres development land and pond lease for US$8,500,000

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Best Caribbean beach destination

beast caribbean beachesIt’s a question we get asked very often. “Which Caribbean island has the best beaches?” Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that. That’s because it’s hard to go to any island in the Caribbean and not find a world-class beach. But if you’re looking for a pure beach vacation, some islands really are in a class by themselves. These are the islands with multitudes of great beaches, with one marvelous beach after another — the ones where the sand is just right, where the beaches are easy to get to and easy on the eyes, where there are vibrant beach bars and beautiful beach hotels to match. These are the Caribbean’s best beach destinations.


When it comes to Caribbean beach destinations, Anguilla is right at the top. With 33 superb beaches on a tiny, easy to navigate island, it’s the best bet for a pure beach getaway. Of course, choosing which beach is best is rather difficult, from Rendezvous Bay to Maundays Bay to Shoal Bay, among others — but figuring it out is the best part of the trip.

Article from Caribbean Journal