Digicel launch 4G network in Anguilla

We are pleased to announce that Anguilla is back on the technology race with Digicel launching 4G networks, for our internet surfing pleasure. We are now able connect high speed internet everywhere on island. It is a big plus for business too.

Here is Digicel pitch :

What is Digicel 4G?
4G is the next generation of wireless communications. It is faster, more reliable, more secure and will allow you to enjoy all the internet has to offer at better speeds and unbeatable value. What’s more, with our network, you can now set your internet free! There’s no longer any need to go home or into the office to connect, because with Digicel, all your favorite sites, updates, tweets and videos are right there in your pocket.

4G stands for the fourth generation in mobile telephony and Digicel’s 4G network features elite HSPA+ technology which basically put means faster download speeds for you wherever you are in Anguilla.

What does Digicel 4G mean for me?

Freedom: You may be asking; “how does a mobile phone network mean freedom for me?” We think freedom is having the time to do what you want to do, not being limited by time, place or custom. The Internet is all about expressing the freedom of the human spirit in an infinite number of ways. With Digicel 4G, you can express yourself and make yourself heard as the largest community ever known will be waiting right there in your pocket.

Speed: Digicel’s 4G network will operate at 7.2 mbps on the downlink and 3.4 mbps on the uplink.

Value: Digicel has long maintained a commitment to provide our customers with a reliable network & best value.

Coverage: Our 4G network is strong across Anguilla providing our customers with Island-wide access.
What can I do with 4G?

With the power of Digicel’s 4G network and a 4G capable smartphone, everything is faster and your phone can do so much more…
Faster web browsing
Faster downloads (documents, photos, apps, music etc.)
Faster photo & Video Uploads
Stream videos and music
Send and receive e-mails with large attachments faster
Video chat with friends & family
And so much more!

Data Calculators and megabytes

Online data is broken up into megabytes and gigabytes. If you are not familiar with the concept don’t worry. We have provided a data calculator that can be used to calculate how much data you will consume. Based on the data calculator, you can then make a selection of the plan that suits you best.

To help even more, we have made a quick guide as to how many megabytes the cool stuff online actually is... check it out!!

The average download size of a 2 hour film is about 1.5gb
The average download size of a music album is between 150mb and 250mb.
The average size of a YouTube video clip is between 2mb – 15mb. The file size limit on YouTube is 100mb.
The average size of a text only email (between 80-100 words) is 7kb – 11 kb.
All of the above are flexible rates and averages. Data in movies for example can range between 700mb to 3gb for the same film. It is the quality of the sound and image that will affect data rates. Blu-ray downloads and HD videos consume even more data due to their high quality visuals and sound.