August 2019 Tourism Statisitics

Anguilla’s summer season 2019, for the month of August, continued to show positive growth in visitor
arrivals over its corresponding 2018 figure, recording its eighth (8th) consecutive monthly increase for 2019.
August 2019 arrivals totaled 16,575; a 65.1% increase when compared with 2018’s visitors of 10,037 arrivals.
For data as far back as 1993, August 2019 figure ranked 3 rd, with August 2017 ranking the highest with 17,588 and August 2015, the 2 nd highest with 17,319. The increase in visitor arrivals for this period under review was positively impacted by the arrivals of tourists (stay-overs) and excursionists (day trippers). To date, Anguilla has welcomed 126,155 visitors to our shores.
For the month under review, 1.1% of the visitors were business travelers and the other 98.9% vacationers.

August length of stay

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