Anguilla Residency by Investment Programme

Anguilla Proposed Residence by Investment Program Takes Shape and should be active soon:

To qualify for residency in Anguilla under the real estate investment option, an applicant must buy or construct real estate on the island valued at a minimum value of USD$750,000* including the value of the land on which the home is located.
Qualifies a family of up to 4 for permit of permanent residence. For additional family members the minimum value of the property is increased $100,000 each.
Eligible properties can be homes, villas, condominiums, hotel units or other forms of properties.
The property must not be sold within 5 years of the date of purchase.
For applicants intending to buy property, real estate investors simply execute a sale & purchase agreement which is submitted with the application package. The actual investment need only be made if conditional approval is granted.
Permit Fees to Government will apply which frontloads the current annualized payments and removes the 10 year time requirement.