Kitesurfing in Anguilla
Kitesurfing in Anguilla

Anguilla Kitesurfing Watersports


Anguilla offers the world nicest sand beaches with turquoise water, and so the best spots for watersports like kitesurfing, surfing, paddle-board, flyboarding ...

kitesurfing Anguilla

For kitesurfers :

The trade wind blows year round with an average of 12-18 knots, stronger from December to May. June and July generally receive tropical waves which reinforce the trade wind. The wind is generally more steady in the morning.

Rules : Anguilla slogan is "Tranquility wrapped in blue" and beaches are large. So please, don't kite near people or restaurants and hotels. Turtles are nesting on our beaches, so don't stress them. Do not add to littering. Drive slowly on dirt roads near houses. As normal courtesy, say hello to people you cross on the beach and help fellow kitesurfers.

Main spots : Find below a list of the most recommended kitesurfing spots. Pay attention to reefs close to the surface in some of them.

Cove Bay : The main spot, perfect for kiteboard beginners, only sand. Best for North-East to South wind. (link to GoogleMaps)

cove bay anguilla kitesurf spot

Savannah Bay : Our favorite spot, not for kitesurf surf beginners, reefs ans waves, best direct trade wind, East to North-East. (link to Google Maps) (aerial video of the spot)

kitesurf surf spot savannah anguilla

Long Bay to Sandy Island : With North to West wind you can reach the beautiful Sandy Island kitesurfing. Watch the reefs there. (link to Google Map) (video of launching spot)

Long Bay to Sandy Island kitesurf spot Anguilla

Shoal Bay Est : Not for kitesurf surf beginners, reefs on the left. Perfect with North North-East wind. Most beautiful turquoise water (link to Googler Map)

Shoal Bay kitesurf spot Anguilla

Meads Bay : North to West wind. Big shore break. Don't go near Viceroy hotel. (link to Google Map) (aerial video of the spot)

Meads Bay kitesurf spot Anguilla

Rendez-Vous Bay : East to South. Many tourist there, not the best choice. (link to Google Map) (video of the spot)

kitesurfing spot anguilla rendez-vous bay dune bankie banks

We have also many other secret spots in Anguilla and surrounding islands.

Kitesurfing surf lessons and paddle-board rental:

Anguilla Watersports offers lessons and rentals for kiteboarding surf and paddleboard.